23 Mart 2008 Pazar

The earth needs our help like never before, environmentalists need to become more active and effective defenders of the environment and peace. I am disturbed as never before to be part of current society. Today they are pushing nuclear energy as a panacea to climate change. One ill cannot substitute for another, and let the dead in peace. The arms race is continuing in the world and war if not active is dormant everywhere. Our economy is out of control consuming nature and the disadvantaged of society, creating environmental disasters and social
upheavals where millions suffer. As a result the planet is cooking to levels where life as we know will not exist, a biological genocide as never seen in history is taking place. Knowing all this one cannot "not do anything"! A relentless struggle awaits those who are disturbed in this total attack on nature and our existence. We have to work together as a community and push for solutions and refuse to be part of what causes all the dementia in society.

Today after 4 weeks working for GREENPEACE Mediterranean I feel like I have the opportunity to continue to work for the environment and for peace and am in the right place to do so. Everyone I have met so far is dedicated and is working hard to make this world a more peaceful place where people can live in harmony with the planet.

Dr. Uygar Özesmi